Miracle Seed Concentrate Oil


This regenerative formula, also referred to as 369 oil, contains six different seed oils
and nine essential oils that enhances the skin in three areas: elasticity, radiance, and hydration.

primera releases Miracle Seed Concentrate Oil

  • A 100% natural oil formulated with an abundance of nutrients and powerful antioxidants capable of restoring life to skin
  • Contains an optimal balance of ingredients that provides supple and polished skin while the fullness of the aroma concentrate soothes and relaxes
미라클 씨드 컨센트레이트 오일

Nature-oriented cosmetic brand primera (www.primera.co.kr) launches Miracle Seed Concentrate Oil containing 100% natural oil concentrate from sprouts of lotus seeds—also known as “seed of miracle”—that deliver highly potent nutrients and antioxidants for radiant skin full of life.

primera’s Miracle Seed Concentrate Oil consists of natural oils from six different seeds: lotus flower seeds, jojoba seeds, grape seeds, camellia seeds, cranberry seeds, and raspberry seeds. The seed oils and the natural essential oils of maggiorana, bergamot, nutmeg, and 6 other oils in this daily facial oil adds sheen and moisture and enhances elasticity in the skin, making the skin visibly radiant.

This 100% natural oil delivers sufficient moisture and protects the skin from environmental stress to sustain adequate hydration levels and recover polished, healthy, and glowing skin. The emollient possesses a powerful antioxidative ability that purifies skin to impart vibrancy and radiance to the skin. In addition, an optimal blend of plant-based oil facilitates rapid absorption without leaving any residue while the rich, warm aroma of natural essential oils enables a relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

primera’s Miracle Seed Concentrate Oil will be available nationwide in primera shops at department stores, online, and flagship store in Myung-dong this coming September.