Seed Energy Cleansing Oil


Contains 100% natural and non-abrasive oil from 7 different seeds
with amplified antioxidative strength for healthy, comfortable cleansing

primera launches nature’s product: Seed Energy Cleansing Oil

  • Natural oil from 7 different seeds delivers nutrients and anti-inflammatory benefits with its powerful antioxidants
  • Thorough cleansing action intact, 5-Free System gently yet thoroughly eliminates impurities without irritating the skin
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Eco-oriented cosmetic brand primera ( releases Seed Energy Cleansing Oil loaded with nature’s nutrients and antioxidative energy derived from seven different types of seed oil that allows gentle, healthy cleansing.

primera’s Seed Energy Cleansing Oil consists of 100% natural, antioxidative extracts of seven different seeds —passion flower seed, plum seed, raspberry seed, meadowfoam seed, rapeseed, grape seed, and safflower seed—that deeply nourish and prevent oxidation of molecules. The facial cleansing oil superbly refines and removes impurities on skin while pampering without any aggravation.

In addition to the firming, hydrating, and moisturizing benefits of the oil from seven different seeds, primera’s phyto-blendingTM technology allows for thorough cleansing while soothing easily irritated skin to create velvety-soft skin. The cleanser is gentle and soft; users are encouraged to massage in circular motions to eliminate heavy makeup and dissolve build-up of sebum in pores.

Infused with herbal and floral fragrance, the cleanser soothes and calms the skin while 5-Free System—a formula free of mineral oil, silicon oil, artificial fragrance, synthetic pigments, and animal raw materials—enables mild and gentle application.

primera’s Seed Energy Cleansing Oil will be available nationwide in primera shops at department stores from July.