About primera

prime + era = primera
The compound word primera contains two words: prime, which means the most important, and era, meaning a fixed point in time; together, primera signals the most important period. primera is an eco-oriented cosmetic brand that focuses on the moment of germination when a plant releases its critical energy and collecting and delivering the energy directly to the skin.

Why does primera base itself on germination?

Germination is the process in which a seed emits an enormous amount of vital, nutritious energy in a condensed form within the bud to initiate new cell growth and develop into a seedling.

With a basis in AMOREPACIFIC’s extensive experience, research on eco-friendly and natural ingredients, and sprouting technology, primera has focused on understanding the profound energy of sprouts, and developed a revolutionary technique for extracting energy during germination for cosmetic application--which is yet to be seen in other nature-oriented brands.

primera Eco Philosophy

  • Best Quality

    primera competes using only quality-differentiated products. primera brand is built through product quality, consumer loyalty and viral marketing, not on excessive advertising and brand promotions.

  • Good Ingredients

    primera produces only honest and safe products. primera manufactures products that do not include paraben, synthetic pigments, artificial fragrances; primera uses a minimal amount of artificial chemical ingredients.

  • Eco Package

    primera aims to tackle environmental issues with eco-friendly packaging. primera uses mostly FSC-certified paper for its packaging and prints in natural soy ink. In addition, the product information and instruction manuals are printed on the paperboard box to reduce any unnecessary waste of resources.

  • Better Environment

    primera dreams of a greener environment; nature; and precious earth. primera is an eco-friendly brand that aims to promote the harmonious coexistence of nature and humans and practice a healthier, merrier, and greener lifestyle in the beauty field.

The Vitality of Sprout Energy

primera Campaign

  • Love Earth Campaign with Friends of primera

    Since 2012, for its annual celebration of Earth’s Day in April, primera has initiated environment-friendly campaigns, adhering to the slogan “Keep it up, earth and youngsters”, to promote environmental causes. primera joins friends from diverse backgrounds in the attempt to send a cheerful message to sick earth and young people. A portion of the revenue from “primera Sprouting Limited Edition” will be donated to Jane Goodall’s environment preservation foundation called “Roots and Shoots” (the Biodiversity Foundation).

  • primera Let’s Love campaign
    – You can be a miracle to someone

    Since 2013, primera has engaged in a raw material procurement agreement called “Beautiful Fair Trade” with the Jamui district in India in purchasing Jamui’s indigenous mango, one of the key ingredients in Mango Butter Comforting Body Lotion. In return, a portion of the sales revenue of Mango Butter Comforting Body Lotion is used to donate mango tree saplings to improve the quality of life and human rights for underprivileged females in Jamui.

  • The Biodiversity Foundation

    In 2011, the Biodiversity Foundation established special relations with primera, the sponsor of an environmental movement called “Roots and Shoots”; a percentage of the sales revenue acquired from the primera Sprouting Limited Edition are donated. Together, they prepared art exhibitions using primera’s empty bottles and participated in various love earth campaigns to deliver hopeful messages that raise environmental awareness.