Activity reviews for November - a great month to get active!

College student supporters of Primera, primania‘ November activity reviews!

How was November for you?
The primania spent a busy month participating in various activities such as volunteering and writing reviews.
November activities! Primania spent a fun and fulfilling month! Read on!


save a life, be a family campaign


Let‘s take a closer look at Primera!
Talks with Primera marketing members

From secret stories of the creation of Primera products and various campaigns!
The primania held special talks with Primera marketing members to learn and find answers to their questions,
as well as post comments on their blog

The primania carefully writing down notes during their sincere talks with the Primera marketing members.
Don‘t the passionately engaged primania look great?

Group 3

View reviews of Group 3


Good habit of thinking for the world
by practicing the “80 days of eco-living”!


November‘s activities also follow those in October! 
We, primania, are practicing eco-living.

“Group 4, This is Germinated” shows their understanding of eco-living under the theme of recycling. 
Their efforts to recreate amazing stuff by recycling thrown-out garbage is amazing.


Cheonggyecheon cleaning activity,
Project to create a sparkling Cheonggyecheon!

primania, who mostly carried out their mission by group, were united to clean Cheonggyecheon.

Since he Seoul Lantern Festivalwherein AmorePacific is participating, this is just in time for the ongoing activities.
They cleaned, sampled the festival and took photos of the Eco-tree!
It was a very fulfilling cleaning activity.


View Hyeon Jin‘s review.

View Hyeon Jin‘s review.


View Tae Gyeong‘s photo review.

View Tae Gyeong‘s photo review.


Let us find out more about AmorePacific! Visit the Story Garden!

“Stories, space design and experience”
Visit the “Story Garden,” a special space for storytelling based on these three factors!


View Si Eun‘s review.

View Si Eun‘s review.


Thanks to the garden, primania had a meaningful time of learning all about AmorePacific
from its establishment to the present.

View Jin A‘s review.

View Jin A‘s review.


The activities of the primania are fun to watch! Look forward to their activities in November!

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