At the opening ceremony of the
7th manifestation of primania

At the opening ceremony of the 7th manifestation of primania The seventh beginning of primania

primera, a cosmetic brand with products teeming
with condensed sprout energy formed during germination,
engages in the annual brand promotion activities
with the university support group primania.

This is the second primania of year 2014,
and this season, primera initiates marketing activities
with participants from the 7th manifestation
of primania – lucky number seven.


The 7th manifestation of primania makes itself known to the public!

프리매니아 7기


Like sprout energy, the 7th manifestation
of primania is full of vitality and shows promise;
hence the anticipation of primera for the upcoming activities
of new primania in the following quarter.

We now share with the public the exciting stories
from the opening ceremony of the 7th gathering!


The opening ceremony of the 7th manifestation of primania

The first meeting is always a heavily anticipated
and nerve-wracking experience.

The ceremony was fortunately held
on October 7th at the Amorepacific headquarters,
where representatives of primera
– responsible for the past, present,
and future business affairs of Amorepacific
– are currently employed.

At first, the newcomers of primania experienced slightly awkward moments,
but the nervousness soon vanished through
the interactions during short breaks.


Group 1, Group 2, Group 3, Group 4, Group 5


Following the break, the orientation covered
the core activities of primera and primania.

The new members of primania patiently learned
and familiarized themselves with the various upcoming
extracurricular activities that they will be responsible for;
their passion and earnest efforts exhibited during
the session was inspiring and deeply moving.


7th Manifestation of primania


Also, the members are given opportunities to introduce,
socialize, and share their opinions about their goals,
expectations, and activities within primania.

In addition, the ceremony introduced
mentors--the key figures who aided in accomplishing
the goals of the previous manifestation
of primania--who will assist the newcomers
to acclimate to primania
and plan extraordinary activities this season as well.


Rock it, 7th Manifestation of primania!

From the first stage of application and document evaluations
to the second stage of personal interviews
and voting via Facebook, the screening process was grueling
and fiercely competitive. Finally,
the final members of the 7th manifestation
of primania have been chosen.
We look forward to the next three months
of vibrant sprout-based activities!


7th Manifestation of primania


For the next three months,
primania will promote primera through mission relays.
Please check out the wide range
of upcoming activities of the 7th Gathering of primania!