The 7th manifestation of primania engages in festive October activities!

The group of university students that supports primera - the sprout-based cosmetic brand. The 7th manifestation of primania engages in festive October activities!

In a cool, windy day in October,
primania completed their mission enthusiastically
- and swiftly like the cool autumn breeze.
Curious about how primania’s 7th manifestation spent October?
Let’s check it out together!


Daily volunteering at animal shelter KARA
(Korea Animal Right Advocate)

save a life, be a family campaign


“Save a life. Be a family” is a part of primera Promise,
a campaign that donates 100g
of dog food--equivalent to
a daily food requirement--to the animal protection organization KARA
with each customer’s purchase
of Alpine Berry Watery Cream Limited Edition.

As a part of the benevolent campaign,
the 7th primania gathering included
a visit to the animal shelter KARA to help
and spend time with stray dogs.
How heartwarming and loving!

Read Jee Na’s blog from the 7th gathering of primania

Read Jee Na’s blog from the 7th
gathering of primania
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“80 Days of Eco-life,” a joyful beginning!


80 days of blissful and healthy eco-life with primera has begun as a member of primania.
Each group is assigned a particular issue concerning environment preservation and green living,
including energy conservation, reduction of disposable products,
and other eco-related missions..

Group 2 participates in a bargain exchange project
to practice eco-philosophical ways of living.
To fulfill the mission,
group 2 bartered their possessions at their own flea market.



Eco-life based on bartering
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Core Activities of primania Group Sampling

The 7th manifestation of primania found
the first group sampling truly heartwarming and meaningful.
primania members promoted primera’s bestsellers--Alpine Berry Watery Cream
and the new product Miracle Seed Concentrate Oil-- in the streets.
Where is primania heading off to today?


primera’s October product preview

The cool autumn breeze tends to dry out my skin.
The weather no longer affects my skin after using Miracle Seed Concentrate
and Alpine Berry Watery Cream that allows flaky-free skin and smooth skin texture.
Check out the comprehensive product preview of the 7th manifestation of primania!

The feedback of Dong Ho from the 7th gathering of primania about Miracle Seed Concentrate Oil

Product Review


The feedback of Na Eun from the 7th gathering of primania about Alpine Berry Watery Cream

Product Review


It is exciting just to observe the 7th manifestation of primania mature
and full-heartedly participate in activities!
Stick around for November activities!