2016 primera’s Love Earth Campaign

Join us! Think about your skin AND the environment when you buy and use products Love the Earth

Love the Earth 사라져가는 생태습지 살리기 Primera Home to a diverse range of species, our planet’s water tank is becoming more arid every day. Primera’s ‘Love the Earth’ campaign, an initiative designed to promote the importance of preserving our ‘wetlands’ and lead the way in protecting animals and plants in endangered wetlands, is celebrating its fifth annual event. Our “Love Circle for Planet Earth” grows larger every year with more Primera Friends, experts, and general public joining the campaign.

다시 보는 Love the Earth 2016 캠페인의 이모저모

  • 01. Use a Primera Eco-bag instead of a paper/plastic bag! Experiential program to make your own eco-bag using stamps.
  • 02. Photo of Coco Bruni at Samcheong-dong, which served a venue for last year’s event. The eco-bicycle program, where people turned the pedals on a bicycle to generate electricity, was a great success.
  • 03. Eddy Kim, our Primera Friend for 2015, held a mini-concert to encourage even more people to think about our planet.

프리메라 프렌즈들이 생태습지를 보호하는 방법

2016 Love the Earth Campaign Primera Friends

4월에는 착한 보습! 알파인 베리 워터리 크림 리미티드 에디션

Watery Cream delivers the vitality of our wetlands

Every April, Primera launches a bulk edition (100ml) of its best-selling moisture cream, the Alpine Berry Watery Cream, to celebrate Earth Day. One notable feature of this limited edition is the cap - it bears an illustration that conveys our commitment to preserving our wetlands. This reminds users to protect our environment whenever they use the product. This year, Primera selected two illustrations of our wetlands drawn by popular illustrator Lee Taekang. More specifically, the illustrations feature two endangered native aquatic plant species - the pigmy water-lily and water canna. These two species were drawn in together with other waterborne animal/insect species such as fresh water turtles and wigglers. As it did so last year, Primera will donate part of its sales proceedings from the Alpine Berry Watery Cream Limited Edition to the Biodiversity Foundation this year, so that the Foundation can carry out a number of activities to preserve our wetlands.