2015 primera’s Love Earth Campaign

Revive our disappearing wetlands

Love the Earth 사라져가는 생태습지 살리기 Primera As a brand that studies germination energy of plants, Primera is hosting its ‘Love the Earth’ campaign aimed at protecting our wetlands - the cradle of life on earth - in celebration of Earth Day on April 22. Already at its fourth annual event, this year’s campaign will feature four “eco celebs” as “Primera friends” in order to help promote the importance of our wetlands and protect it from harm. Primera will do its part to protect our wetlands with a variety of initiatives by donating part of its revenue from Alpine Berry Watery Cream Limited Edition sales to the Biodiversity Foundation.

primera 'Love The Earth'
1.각시수련-우리나라에서 멸종되면 아예 지구상에서 사라져버리게 되는 물풀 2. 독미나리 - 대관령과 정선 아우라지 부근에만 자라는 것으로 알려진 희귀 식물 3. 순채-맑고 깨끗한 1급수 연못이나 웅덩이에서 사는 아름다운 관상 식물

primera Alpine Berry Watery Cream Limited Edition
If our wetlands are absolutely necessary in protecting our beautiful planet, the Primera Alpine Berry Watery Cream is an absolutely necessary item in maintaining the all-important moisture level in your skin. Alpine Berry Water Cream harnesses the germination energy from Alpine Strawberry sprouts and other ingredients to supply ample amounts of moisture to your skin and keep it healthy. In particular, part of the sales proceedings from this Limited Edition will go to the Biodiversity Foundation and used for a variety programs to revive our wetlands. So, this year’s campaign figures to be an even more meaningful event. Not only that, the campaign will showcase 33 delicately pen-sketched, limited edition illustrations of aquatic plants such as the watershield plant, pigmy water-lily, water hemlock, etc. by popular American illustrator Michael Halbert. So, join this year’s Love the Earth campaign and invest your time in this meaningful initiative to keep your skin beautiful and save our planet.

(Image description) Choi Jae-cheon (President of the National Institute of Ecology), Eddy Kim (singer), Jung Eun-chae (actress), Shin Hyo-seob (chef)

(Image description)Choi Jae-cheon (President of the National Institute of Ecology), Eddy Kim (singer), Jung Eun-chae (actress), Shin Hyo-seob (chef)