2014 primera’s Love Earth Campaign

With friends of primera, earth and youngsters,
keep it up!

This year, at the third annual love earth campaign called “Keep it up, earth and youngsters,” several friends of primera joined together to raise environmental awareness: Kyou Hyuk Lee (speed skater), Lim Kim (singer), J Rabbit (band with two female artists), and Won Pyo Hong (illustrator).

They played a beautiful, harmonious tune with upcycled instruments—created with used empty bottles of Miracle Seed Essence—as a gesture of soothing and comforting sick earth and disheartened youth. Even at their first meeting, the participants cooperated effortlessly; despite prolonged hours of shooting, the recording progressed smoothly, and the atmosphere was amicable throughout the whole day.

This season, the friends of primera present a skin enhancing treatment called Miracle Seed Essence (150ml / around 45,000won) containing 93.1% lotus seed extract; the essence moisturizes superbly with extraordinary antioxidative ability to achieve a refined skin tone, texture, and clarity. For the entire month of April, as a gift upon purchase of Miracle Seed Essence, shoppers will receive reusable eco bags with illustrations of encouragement for youth and earth.

Singer Lim Kim: “Challenge, failure, success, and frustrations are the privileges of youth.”
Speed Skater Kyou Hyuk Lee: “I cheer for young people who thrive and race to achieve their goals in life as we speak.”
Illustrator Won Pyo Hong: “Together and side by side, as partners, the earth will be a happier place.”
Singer J Rabbit: “It is our hope that our music will provide happiness and comfort to young people who are tired and weary.”