2013 primera’s Love Earth Campaign

Together with friends of primera, please cheer for earth and youngsters.


With primera friends, earth and youngsters, keep it up!
2013 Friends of primera

- Ah Yeon Baek: I wish to sing for green earth and high-spirited youth. “Singing is what I can do best, and I will sing and cheer with sincerity. I will sing my all for green earth and vibrant youth.” - Ah Yeon Baek, a K-Pop Star - Roy Kim: Youth, hope, and energy are what you need at the moment. Let’s journey on together! “To live and endure in this world, youth, energy, and hope are just what you need. Let’s walk hand-in-hand on this journey of life.” - Roy Kim, the winner of 2012 Super Star K - Bob Chang: If I enjoy myself, so does the world! “It is my deepest desire that my illustrations bring joy and comfort to youngsters and to earth. With friends of primera, earth and youngsters, keep it up!” - Illustrator Bob Chang - Mi Na Sohn: From the bottom of my heart and utmost passion, I cheer for youth! “More so than others, young people should live happily and healthily. I cheer for youth from my heart with undying passion!” - Mi Na Sohn, former television host (presently a traveler)


With friends of primera

Friends of primera personally selected Alpine Berry Watery Cream for the limited edition.

To support this year’s love earth campaign, the friends of primera chose Alpine Berry Watery Cream. Containing nature’s high potent moisturizing sprout energy, Alpine Berry Watery Cream enhances skin vitality and helps to achieve a supple and glowing complexion like a fresh and moist sprout. The limited edition product will be available only in April beginning with Earth Day; each product purchase will include a primera Friends Eco-friendly Cup.

The hydrating cream that became the national bestseller within a year.

Choosing Alpine Berry Watery Cream to represent the campaign is only natural and self-explanatory; the cream became the best-selling hydrating cream nationwide only within a year after its release. Women desiring supple and radiant complexion were gravitated to the cream. Through the aggressive viral marketing initiated by the women users themselves, the Alpine Berry Watery Cream instantaneously became a hot item.

The 5-Free Formula is a user-friendly solution that prioritizes the skin.

When the skin becomes easily irritated and sensitive from drastic seasonal temperature shifts and yellow dust, Alpine Berry Watery Cream with 5-Free Formula (free of paraben, animal materials, mineral oils, artificial pigments, and artificial fragrances) gently soothes and calms the damaged skin from environmental stress. Addressing all the different skin needs of female users, the cream is voted as the best hydrating cream even by friends of primera.

A fast absorbing cream with hydration lasting 24 hours

The Alpine Berry Watery Cream maintains the skin’s moisture for up to 24 hours, and presents a flawless, vibrant skin with silky softness as if it was just cleansed. In addition, the cream absorbs rapidly and provides a matte finish that leaves no residue or stickiness. Even suitable for extra dry to oily skin, as it does not cake but leaves the skin dewy and fresh even after repeated application.