2015 Let’s Love Campaign

A good Primera winter: hand-written letters and photos from Jamui

Let’s Love 캠페인

A good Primera winter

Usually, you think of white when you think of winter. But for Primera, winter is a yellow mango color. That is because winter is when the Let’s Love campaign - a project that donates mango trees to girls in the Jamui region in India - begins. For the past three years, thousands of mango trees in the Jamui region donated by Primera have grown remarkably. When the mango trees bear fruit, girls who previously could not dare to dream or hope can look forward to a better tomorrow.

“what counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived.
It is what difference we have make to the lives of others what will determine the significance of the life we lead.”
-Nelson Mandela


hand-written letters and photos from Jamui

자무이 지역 사람들 모습 및 손편지

Already celebrating its third cycle, the Let’s Love campaign has brought in some good news from India to Primera. For the past three years, girls in the Jamui region have become beloved members of their families and have learned how to read and write at school thanks to the campaign. Hand-written letters by these girls feature clumsy, yet lovely drawings and messages that bear their appreciation. The photos show girls taking great care of the mango trees growing in front of their houses.

자무이에서 온 손편지


프리메라 Let’s Love 캠페인:수확한 망고로부터 씨앗 채취→사랑의 망고나무 수매→망고 씨앗 가공→마고 버터 제조→망고버터 컴포팅 라인의 원료로 활용→자무이에망고 묘목 기부→자무이 가정에서 사랑의 망고나무 재배→망고 열매 수확(이런 형태로 순환 됨)


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