2014 Let’s Love Campaign

Beautiful Fair Trade by Primera at Jamui

Beautiful Fair Trade

아리따운 구매
사랑의 밍고나무 기부 - 사랑의 만고나무 재배 - 사랑의 망고 수확 - 사랑의 망고씨 수집 - 사랑의 망고씨 수매 - 사랑의 망고씨 가공 - 망고버터 제조 - 망고버터 컴포팅 바디로션 판매


Beautiful Fair Trade by Primera

In 2013, Primera signed a contract for “Beautiful Fair Trade” with the village of Jamui in India. The contract involved purchasing mango seeds and fruits from the Jamui region to produce Mango Butter Comforting Body Lotion products aimed at stimulating the local economy.


Jamui Village

One of 38 districts in the Bihar State (northern India), has the lowest per capita GDP in India.

자무이 마을 지도


In Jamui, women are...

Not welcome when they are born. As they grow, girls receive no education, so it is difficult for women to have any hope in their lives. In 2013, Primera donated 1,000 mango trees to girls in Jamui thanks to the love and support from an overwhelming number of people.

망고나무 1,000그루 선물


What do these mango trees mean to girls in Jamui?

Mango trees represent hope. They help girls study as much as they want in school with their friends, they help them lead happier lives with their families, and make a variety dreams come true.

2013 Let’s Love 캠페인을 통해 총 1,000그루의 망고묘목이 자무이에 기부되었습니다.

Now, it’s your turn to buy products from our Mango Body line produced through our Let’s Love campaign and deliver dreams as well as hope to the girls in Jamui.